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Version: 3.1

Roadmap & Support

The Koin team is leading its development with open-source and community-driven approach since the beginning, and propose commercial services to secure your development.

Releases Cycle

We drive our developments with release cycles of 6 months to follow Kotlin language and library updates in a consistent manner. We will use beta periods of 6 weeks or more, to help gather first feedbacks.

Once a new version is released, we start the Community support phase for 6 months minimum. During that phase, we are actively gathering feedbacks, following all updates impacting our framework, like librairies, Kotling Android, Ktor and others frameworks versions.

Community or Commercial Support

Behind our will to build a vision with a roadmap, we also know that many companies are engaging their business while they are using Koin to build their solutions and applications.

Kotzilla, the company of the authors of Koin, propose strong corporate support: long-term support versions.

Roadmap for 2022

Here is our current roadmap:

  • Koin 3.1 (Q1)
  • Koin 3.2 (Q2)
  • Koin 3.3 (Q4)
  • Koin Annotations 1.0 (Q2)