Koin v3 - Multiplatform

Setup Koin for your project

Current Version

Here are the current versions of Koin:

// Current version
koin_version= "3.1.0"

The koin project's maven group id was previously org.koin and is now io.insert-koin. Please check your configuration with modules below.

Gradle dependencies

Add the following Gradle dependencies to add Koin to your project:

// Add Maven Central to your repositories if needed
repositories {

Kotlin Multiplatform

// Koin for Kotlin Multiplatform
implementation "io.insert-koin:koin-core:$koin_version"
// Koin Test for Kotlin Multiplatform
testImplementation "io.insert-koin:koin-test:$koin_version"

Kotlin JVM

// Koin for JUnit 4
testImplementation "io.insert-koin:koin-test-junit4:$koin_version"
// Koin for JUnit 5
testImplementation "io.insert-koin:koin-test-junit5:$koin_version"
#### **Android**
// Koin main features for Android (Scope,ViewModel ...)
implementation "io.insert-koin:koin-android:$koin_version"
// Koin for Jetpack WorkManager
implementation "io.insert-koin:koin-androidx-workmanager:$koin_version"
// Koin for Jetpack Compose (unstable version)
implementation "io.insert-koin:koin-androidx-compose:$koin_version"


// Koin for Ktor
implementation "io.insert-koin:koin-ktor:$koin_version"
// SLF4J Logger
implementation "io.insert-koin:koin-logger-slf4j:$koin_version"