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The pragmatic Kotlin & Kotlin Multiplatform Dependency Injection framework

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A framework to help you build any kind of Kotlin & Kotlin Multiplatform application, from Android mobile, Multiplatform apps to backend Ktor server applications Koin is developed by Kotzilla and open-source contributors

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Making your Kotlin development easy and productive

Koin is a smart Kotlin dependency injection library to keep you focused on your app, not on your tools.

Koin gives you simple tools and API to let you build, assemble Kotlin related technologies into your application and let you scale your business with easyness.

// Given some classes
class MyRepository()
// Inject via constructor
class MyPresenter(val repository : MyRepository)

// just declare it
val myModule = module {

Ready for Android

Thanks to the Kotlin language, Koin extends the Android platform and provides new features as part of the original platform.

Koin provides easy and powerfull API to retrieve your dependencies anywhere in Android components, with just using by inject() or by viewModel()

Powering Kotlin Multiplatform

Sharing code between mobile platforms is one of the major Kotlin Multiplatform use cases. With Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile, you can build cross-platform mobile applications and share common code between Android and iOS.

Koin provides multiplatform dependency injection and help build your components accross your native mobile applications, and web/backend applications.

Performances and Productivity

Koin is a pure Kotlin framework, designed to be straight forward in terms of usage and execution. It easy to use and doesn't impact your compilation time, nor require any extra plugin configuration.

Talks and Videos

You can follow the latest news from the Koin project team on Twitter, to follow conferences and talks.

Take a tour on the Kotzilla Blog to read latest news and videos about Koin project.

Open Source and Community Driven, Supported by Kotzilla

Arnaud Giuliani created and released Koin in 2017 and is still maintaining it with the help of open-source contributors.

Since 2018, Koin is one of the most trending Kotlin framework . Today, the project is supported by contributions from individuals and companies around the world.

Koin is being used in thousands of apps in the world, but it's likely you've already used it in one of these apps:

  • Liberty Rider - GPS moto & SOS
  • Plum: Smart Investing & Saving
  • TIER Electric scooters
  • Shopmium: save money every day
  • Kakao T - Taxi, Driver, Bike
  • Swile
  • Curve | All-in-one money app
  • Banque Populaire
  • Banxo
  • CANAL+, Live TV and replay
  • BrutX
  • KaraFun - Karaoke Party
  • TomTom GO Ride: Motor GPS
  • Lo-Fi Music - Chill Beat Radio
  • Currency Converter Calculator
  • Doximity - Medical Network
  • Zoe: Lesbian Dating & Chat App
  • SURGE – Gay Dating & Chat
  • Offline Music Player
  • Test Your Android
  • Markaz: Resell and Earn Money

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