Version: 3.2

Quickstart - Android - ViewModel

This tutorial lets you write an Android/Kotlin application and use Koin inject and retrieve your ViewModel components.

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Gradle Setup

Add the Koin Android dependency like below:

// Add Maven Central to your repositories if needed
repositories {
dependencies {
// Koin for Android
implementation "io.insert-koin:koin-android:$koin_version"

Our components

Let's create a HelloRepository to provide some data:

interface HelloRepository {
fun giveHello(): String
class HelloRepositoryImpl() : HelloRepository {
override fun giveHello() = "Hello Koin"

Let's create a ViewModel class, for consuming this data:

class MyViewModel(val repo : HelloRepository) : ViewModel() {
fun sayHello() = "${repo.giveHello()} from $this"

Writing the Koin module

Use the module function to declare a module. Let's declare our first component:

val appModule = module {
// single instance of HelloRepository
single<HelloRepository> { HelloRepositoryImpl() }
// MyViewModel ViewModel
viewModel { MyViewModel(get()) }

we declare our MyViewModel class as a viewModel in a module. Koin will give a MyViewModel to the lifecycle ViewModelFactory and help bind it to the current component.

Start Koin

Now that we have a module, let's start it with Koin. Open your application class, or make one (don't forget to declare it in your manifest.xml). Just call the startKoin() function:

class MyApplication : Application(){
override fun onCreate() {
// Start Koin

Injecting dependencies

The MyViewModel component will be created with HelloRepository instance. To get it into our Activity, let's inject it with the by viewModel() delegate injector:

class MyViewModelActivity : AppCompatActivity() {
// Lazy Inject ViewModel
val myViewModel: MyViewModel by viewModel()
override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {

The by viewModel() function allows us to retrieve a ViewModel instance from Koin, linked to the Android ViewModelFactory.

The getViewModel() function is here to retrieve directly an instance (non lazy)