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Context Isolation

For SDK Makers, you can also work with Koin in a non-global way: use Koin for the DI of your library and avoid any conflict by people using your library and Koin by isolating your context.

In a standard way, we can start Koin like that:

// start a KoinApplication and register it in Global context
startKoin {

// declare used modules

This uses the default Koin context to register your dependencies.

But if we want to use an isolated Koin instance, you need declare an instance and store it in a class to hold your instance. You will have to keep your Koin Application instance available in your library and pass it to your custom KoinComponent implementation:

The MyIsolatedKoinContext class is holding our Koin instance here:

// Get a Context for your Koin instance
object MyIsolatedKoinContext {

val koinApp = koinApplication {
// declare used modules

val koin = koinApp.koin

Let's use MyIsolatedKoinContext to define our IsolatedKoinComponent class, a KoinComponent that will use our isolated context:

abstract class IsolatedKoinComponent : KoinComponent {

// Override default Koin instance
override fun getKoin(): Koin = MyIsolatedKoinContext.koin

Everything is ready, just use IsolatedKoinComponent to retrieve instances from isolated context:

class MyKoinComponent : IsolatedKoinComponent(){
// inject & get will target MyKoinContext